Central Florida SC could not serve our community without the massive amounts of time and commitment given by our Volunteers and Administrative Staff. We are a community and club built around the beautiful game, and we are extremely grateful for those willing and able to keep our club moving forward.

Autumn Driggers

Phone: (407) 613-2426 Ext. 105
Email: autumn.driggers@centralfloridasc.com

Jose Brambila

Social Media Coordinator
Phone: (407) 613-2426 Ext. 106
Email: jose.brambila@centralfloridasc.com

Erin Kurz

Administration, Financial Aid & Sponsorships Coordinator
Phone: (407) 613-2426 Ext. 104
Email: erin.kurz@centralfloridasc.com

Kim Fitzpatrick

Volunteers Coordinator
Phone: (407) 613-2426 Ext. 107
Email: kim.fitzpatrick@centralfloridasc.com