Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between the Competitive Program and the Academy Program?

Answer: CFSC’s Competitive Program is for our younger competitive players – U11 & U12 players. Our Academy Program is for our older competitive players – U13 and older. Within our Academy Program, we have two options that allow the club to best match a player’s commitment level. The Academy’s focus is on training & player development and playing time is not guaranteed but rather earned. Players are enrolled in the the Academy pool of players and not a specific team. The Academy pools train together and teams are formed at the discretion of the Director(s) of coaching and can/will change throughout the seasonal year depending on the specific goals of the Academy or an event for which the Academy is training. CFSC’s Academy program is run by the Director(s) of coaching and Academy staff coaches.

CFSC’s Competitive teams compete at a very high level in local leagues. They are a little more team-oriented than the Academy. Teams train together and while there could be player movement between teams, it is the exception rather than the rule. The same club culture, style and system of play that are taught in the Academy are also taught throughout the club, including the Competitive program. For more detailed information including differences between the Academy Program options, please see our Program Comparison.

Question: Are there tryouts? How is player placement handled?

Answer: CFSC believes that there is a place for players of every skill level within the club. As such, there will not be a one-time, “mass tryout” because CFSC’s goal is not to build teams but rather develop players. Looking at individual players for a single session is not valuable. There will be specific weeks dedicated to evaluating players for initial placement into the club as they train alongside current players and even an evaluation period where we look to identify players specifically for the Academy. However, every player who loves the game is welcome at CFSC and over the first several weeks of training, as coaches are able to evaluate players for a period of time, placements can be made to Competitive and Academy programs.

Question: Where is training held and where are games played?

Answer: Training sessions are held and games are played at the Northwest Recreational Complex in Apopka.

Question: What are the fees, what do they cover and do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: The fees are:

  • Developmental: $195/season (Uniform not Included)
  • Bridge: $1,295/year (Uniform not Included)
  • Competitive: $1,495/year (Uniform not Included. $100 Discount if Paid in Full)
  • Academy: $1,895/year (Uniform not Included. $100 Discount if Paid in Full)

Tournament fees (1) are included with all of our programs except for Developmental. As a summary:

  • Developmental: $195 – Fees cover training sessions, games, referee fees (if applicable), staff compensation. Game uniforms NOT included and are approximately $50.
  • Bridge: $1,295 – Fees cover training sessions, games, league fees, referee fees, staff compensation. Game uniforms NOT included and are approximately $75.
  • Competitive: $1,495 – Fees cover training sessions, league & referee fees, tournament fees (1), staff compensation. Training & game uniforms are not included and are approximately $325.
  • Academy: $1,895 – Fees covers training sessions, league & referee fees, tournament fees (1)Academy Staff compensation. It also covers additional technical training if selected. Training & game uniforms are not included and are approximately $325.

*Payment plans are available for both Competitive & Academy programs.

*Financial Aid is available for Developmental, Bridge, Competitive & Academy programs.

Question: What league does the Academy play?

Answer: None of the programs at CFSC are “league-oriented”. The goal in the Academy is to develop the committed player to their potential. Although this is primarily achieved through training, competitive play is needed and used as a tool in development. CFSC’s Academy will play in the most competitive events & leagues available which also make sense for the players based on level of play, coaching requirements, travel considerations, etc. By nature, these are typically state-wide and regional however there could also be some local league play. Specific events and league play cannot and should not be determined until player commitment and level of play has been determined. The appropriate event and league choice & schedule will be finalized over the summer prior to each seasonal year. Examples of potential anticipated leagues and events could be: FSPL (Florida State Premier League), Sunshine Conference as well as State Cup and other Showcase-level Tournaments.

Question: How does Academy compare with other “Advanced Level” programs?

Answer: Most “advanced-level” programs are league-centered. CFSC Academy is not tied to a particular league, which gives Academy staff the flexibility to select league and event competition based on what is best for player development. It is likely that CFSC Academy teams will compete in many of the same events as other “advanced-level” programs, however that is not an explicit goal. The goal of CFSC Academy is player development under the structure of a true Academy style of training without any particular league constraints which may not facilitate player development – the Academy is not league oriented or team oriented. The core values of team accountability, work rate, personal and team responsibility are developed outside of any particular league and within the framework of the Academy. The developmental and competitive programs teach the same core values but are a little more team centric.

Question: Are Academy Players allowed to play for their High School team?

Answer: YES – CFSC recognized the value of playing High School soccer and not only allows, but encourages players in our Academy Programs to play for their High School teams. For more information: CFSC & High School Soccer.