Club Culture

Central Florida SC develops young athletes on and off the field, through the game of soccer. Central Florida SC’s goal is to meet each player where they are in their development and help them achieve the next level – to realize their potential.

Central Florida SC members are passionate about the game of soccer, and the club maintains a highly competitive culture that exemplifies values of respect, hard work & good sportsmanship. Helping developmental players make the jump into competitive soccer is as important as helping the advanced, competitive player make the jump to elite-level competition.

Style of Play

Training is key to player development and Central Florida SC places a high level of importance on training in a competitive and safe environment. While league and tournament play are excellent forums to assess development, training is where progress is made. In addition to the technical, tactical, physical, psychological aspects of soccer, the Central Florida SC player learns positive nutritional and fitness habits as they develop.

Possession of the ball in the defensive 3rd and midfield is essential for success in the modern game. Dominating possession and transition is critical to ensure productive attacks and effective response to counter attacks.

Ultimately, Central Florida SC develops players who can read and understand the game to make good, independent decisions on the field.