Central Florida SC places a high emphasis on training in Player Development. The Club also recognizes the benefits of playing High School Soccer including the social aspect, team camaraderie, and the pride of representing one’s school. We firmly believe that the benefits of participating in High School Soccer are real, and we strongly encourage our Competitive and Academy Program players to also play High School Soccer. We reach out to our players’ local High School Soccer coaches to facilitate a partnership, and our players’ High School Soccer coaches value the contributions of our club players to their teams. We do not see High School Soccer as a competing interest in Player Development.

Throughout the High School Soccer season (mid-November through mid-February) our Academy Program players will continue to train, other than for a short break in December. Considerations will be made to help players meet their personal and developmental goals. During this time, player safety and injury prevention is particularly important and Academy staff will closely monitor training and playing time to ensure that players are not “over-training”. Central Florida SC believes that Club Soccer and High School Soccer can and should work together.