Central Florida SC understands that COVID-19 has affected & continues to affect each & every one of us in varying degrees, therefore the Club’s statement is as follows:

  • Central Florida SC cares deeply about the safety and well-being of our student athletes. As such we are carefully weighing the balance of the obvious impact of COVID-19 with the importance of our youth having access to outdoor activities and the ability to exercise, train, and continue to develop in the beautiful game. As a member of state (FYSA) & national associations (US Club Soccer), we are continually monitoring their guidelines and using these guidelines as a tool to make our best decisions regarding this pandemic and how it affects training and games. Beyond safety, our goals are transparency and to provide an environment where parents and players have access to training and are able to make personal decisions that are best for them.
  • Link to FYSA Guidelines: https://www.fysa.com/about/covid-19-information-and-resources/
  • Link to US Club Guidelines: https://usclubsoccer.org/coronavirus/